About REACH!

After School REACH! 2014-2015

About After School REACH!

After School REACH! operates out-of-school time programs at three schools in the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union. These are Craftsbury Schools, Hardwick Elementary and Wolcott Elementary. The project is ultimately funded through a 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant awarded first in June 2001, re-awarded in June 2005, and most recently in June 2010. 21st Century Learning Center Grant funds are allocated to the VT Department of Education from the US Department of Education. These funds are then awarded to programs that have competitively applied for the funds. Although programs are in part funded by the above-mentioned grant, After School REACH! is required to raise funds to sustain these important programs once the grant has expired.

After School REACH! Mission

To expand participants’ horizons through engaging activities focused on academic improvement, cultural opportunities and community health and well-being.

R RECREATION: Plant the seed for enjoyable life-long physical activity.

E ENRICHMENT: Expand a child’s horizon; connect to the world around us.

A ACADEMICS: Support and reinforce the learning from the classroom.

            C     CULTURE: Explore diversity through drama, visual arts and music.

            H     HEALTH: Relate our choices to our well-being.

After School REACH! Objectives

  1. All students will have access to meaningful out-of-school time programs.

  2. Program participants will improve academic achievement in mathematics and language arts.

  3. Regular participants will more actively engage in their learning.

Schedule of Sessions

After School REACH! operates four sessions during the school year at Wolcott Elementary.

Session 1: Monday, September 14th-Thursday, October 20th

Session 2: Monday, October 26th-Tuesday, December 23rd

Session 3: Monday, January 4th-Thursday, February 18th

Session 4: Wednesday, March 2nd-Thursday, May 26st

Normal hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 3:00pm-5:00pm.

No programs are offered on half days, snow days or days on which school has been released for emergency reasons. Programs may be cancelled if weather worsens throughout the day. The Building Principal has the authority to make this decision. Cancellations will be made by noon and parents will be notified by phone.

Daily REACH! Schedule

      3:00                       Attendance and Snack (provided by REACH)

3:15 – 3:30 Free Play

3:30 – 4:30 Enrichment Activity

4:30 – 5:00 Homework & Reading Time

5:00                 Dismissal and parent pick-up

When you pick your child(ren) up from After School REACH! each afternoon, please be sure to sign them out. Each activity leader has a sign-out sheet.

Please note that the daily schedule is subject to change on any given day due to staff illnesses and special events.


Snack will be provided to every child on a daily basis. Parents/guardians may choose to send snack with their child. Gum, candy, soda or other unhealthy snacks cannot be brought or consumed by students in the After School REACH! Program. Please remember that no foods containing nuts of any kind are permitted at Wolcott School.

Program Fees

After School REACH! operates throughout the school year. The after-school program is divided into four sessions. Registration forms are available to all students two weeks prior to each session. A family may register their child/ren for one or more sessions throughout the year. Each session has a program fee. This fee pays for the entire session which is usually between 35 and 45 days long.

In the event that your child is absent from the program you will still be responsible for that days tuition.


Your payment is due prior to your child’s first day of the program. Payments may be made by check or cash. No post-dated checks will be accepted. Please speak with the Site Coordinator if you are having difficulty paying. Checks should be made payable to: OSSU REACH!

Attendance and Dismissal Policy

Regular participation allows students to get the most from the program. Therefore, regular attendance is critical for students to enjoy the program. Your student’s participation should be consistent with the structure of the program. If your students cannot attend for all of part or the after-school program, please call the site coordinator and let them know.

REACH! and School Sports

School sports are important in the physical, social and emotional growth of children. Parents play a critical role in the development of their young athletes. It is therefore essential for parents, coaches and officials to encourage their youth athlete to embrace the values of good sportsmanship, discipline and character development. Whether sitting in the stands, helping out as a volunteer, or playing in a game, everyone should be a model of good sportsmanship and lead by example on and off the playing field.

In order to be fair and consistent with other academic sports leagues, students who are absent or dismissed early may not play a soccer or basketball game that same afternoon. In most cases, attendance at any practices is also a prerequisite for game play.

All student athletes and their parent/guardian must sign a contract, agreeing to follow expectations.  

Let the players play,

Let the coaches coach, and

Let the kids have fun

Administration of Programs

The ultimate authority at each school is the After School REACH! Site Coordinator. This person recruits and hires all staff members for the after school enrichment programs; coordinates supplies; oversees registration and enrollment; and is the chief contact between families, children and school staff.

The Site Coordinators are overseen by the School Principal and After School REACH! Program Director, who reports to the Superintendent of the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union.

Nicole Miller

Program Director

472-5411 x2523


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Eddie Kish

Site Coordinator